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Can You Purchase Property Anonymously in Europe? Exploring Legal Loopholes and Safeguards for Property Ownership in 2024

My latest thread has been derailed too much, which is why I'm opening a new one.

My question is: Is it possible to purchase property anonymously in Spain,
so that it is not owned by you but by some other entity that is legally able to buy property in Spain,
while still having full control over it?
Or is the law written in such a way that a person always needs to be associated with land in Spain,
especially land that has permission for the construction of a personal house?

Furthermore, how can one prevent a future ex-wife from having any rights towards your property after a nasty divorce?

What is the most anonymous way to purchase property in Spain for the construction of your own personal home,
ensuring protection from legal complications?
I also want to know the costs associated with such a setup and whether it's recommended in the year 2024.

If this isn't possible in Spain, are there any other European countries that allow such a setup?
Yes, you can use a company to buy the property. You would need to use a jurisdiction with anonymity in order not to be publicly the owner. You would have to use a trust in order not to own but control it.

Is Spain the only place in Europe where you can buy property anonymous or are there other countries where this may be possible as well?