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card processing for UK LTD, which one can work?


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Oct 9, 2012
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Business model will be selling physical goods i.e. home goods, electronics and similar.

Monthly turnover 80,000$
CB ratio unknown
PCI compliant self certificate
Average ticket size 400$

At best daily payment but weekly is acceptable
At best no holdback but 5% is acceptable

Any idea which payment processor could work with this criteriums?
in lieu to the indicated monthly turnover, minimum settlement would be bi-weekly and at maximum monthly, if biz model gets onboarded..(daily quite impossible)

you made no mention of the intended delivery methods, and average delivery timeline per product..do clarify!!

NB: delivery methods/timelines, customer satisfaction would be closely relative to the overall CB% triggered..

your biz model should prospect within 1.2%-4.2%, typically a high threshold as its an upcoming biz, and no history of previous customer base or reputation.

5%RR for your biz model, would be near impossible..more realistically 7-12% RR would suffice.
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You will use one of these
I have already noticed the new payment processors that were added and am in the process of running an application through with a High-risk merchant; we'll see how it goes.