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    I'm looking for the best solution to receive payments.
    I sell digital goods and services. UK LTD, maybe Cyprus in the future.
    Digital goods and services are delivered 2-3minutes after payment.

    I want to sell my services in all EU countries (DE, LT, SK, CZ, PL, RO, GR, ES, IT, NL, LV etc..), Canada and Australia.

    I have found local payments operators for CZ( and PL(
    These operators accept local bank transfers in CZ and PL. Do you know any other payments operators in 2 above countries and other EU countries + ca + au?

    Do you have any experience with operators which process local payment methods (fast local bank transfers etc), verification, payouts delays etc?

    Which one of cc operator is best for me? I have heard about CCbill, 2ch and few more.
    I have used 2ch in the past(few years ago) with offshore corp. Could you give me any advices and recommend operators?

    For both I'm looking for operators which have fast payouts, because I must to reinvest money for advertising. I cant wait 2-4 weeks for first payout.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Have you looked at WireCard and GlobalCollect and even Mister Tango as something inbetween? it should solve your payment processing issues.
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    thanks for reply. I checked 2ch again and I see that they have bigger offer today.
    @negon do you have consulting service in your offer?