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Cheap hosting - reliable ?


Offshore Agent
Apr 16, 2009
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I had been lately seeing so much of cheap web hosting sites popping up with almost too low fee structure. I wonder whether these cheap web hosting companies would achieve any profit in that. Further it is too tempting to use them. What do you think of this cheap hosting sites, are they reliable ?
I can never believe the concept of cheap web hosting service.It is better to opt for free hosting by Google or wordpress rather cheap hosting.These cheap hosting websites or companies are not reliable in any way and may vanish at any time.So you should take the service of good hosting companies after paying standard charges.
I agree! Why take the chance of hurting your businesses just to save a few bucks? It might hurt your reputation in the long run, and that could have been averted by paying for someone's good reputation in the web hosting biz.

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