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Cheaper Alternatives to Paypal

Well, my peers have been using paypal for several years now, and they like it. Personally, I don't think there are any other alternatives out there (cheaper). You could just stick with credit card, debt card, etc.?
jamesb said:
I have been using Paypal for some years now but the fees are rather high in my opinion. Are there any cheaper alternatives to Paypal out there? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Hi James,

I was a long time paypal user myself until paypal suspended my account for "security risk" reasons which was just a crock of crap. Anyway I went looking for a paypal alternative and found MerchantInc. Their rate is 1.99% compared to paypals 2.9%. You can use them on ebay, a website, smart phone and for emailing invoices. I 've been very happy with them so far. They never hold funds and my money id directly deposited in to my checking account. THey do have a monthly fee of $7.95 but it s small investment well worth it if you are trying to run a small business or even if you are just selling stuff online and don't like to deal with the hassle paypal brings you.
This will require you to be a US citizens / US Merchant to be able to make use of this offer :)
There's a small full service place out of OP called Prineta. They're very well connected, and can do high risk and standard processing with a number of processors. Rates are reasonable, but you would have to ask them for specifics. They do phone consultations too, which is a nice touch. They should be able to walk you through a variety of options.
Prineta Merchant account & Credit Card Processing Consultant Are they PCI compliant? Otherwise you may look into Durango, Durango-Direct.com, merchant account experts! they are one of the oldest in the industry and have a very huge network of Acquiring banks, 3rd party payment processors and gateways available.
Hey Admin,

To the best of my understanding, every processor Prineta works with is PCI compliant. They're more of a research and consulting organization. They actually pound the ground to get you the best deal on payment processing, regardless of industry. In my experience, they're very thorough.
Thank you for clarification, but then they are not a PayPal alternative, but a consultancy firm!

From their website:

Prineta is full service payment consultant and experienced independent sales agent with a complete portfolio of electronic transaction services.
So this can be misleading if they don't maintain their own payment gateway or 3rd party processing platform.

Durango has several alternative e-wallet solutions (PayPal is like a e-wallet) and therefore they may be a good alternative as well to PayPal.
It's hard to find an alternative but I guess it's just best that you do all transactions directly from and to your bank account. That will actually save you from Paypal's charges. But if you must really use paypal, then you have to connect your bank account to it.
I personally like Paypal and I am ok with using them due to the large number of people who use them, how versatile it is, and how easy it is to use. However, with that being said, should you be willing to make the switch a slightly harder to convert too but cheaper and just as easy to use solution would be digital currency, namely Bitcoins.
The fees are not really that high - they are pretty fair, especially for the amount of protection that PayPal places on your transactions, along with the free bank withdrawals within 2 hours. It is a very good service for such a small fee, and the cheaper alternatives rarely provide a better service, in fact I haven't come across one that does.
I'm sorry man, but Paypal and reliable aren't words that generally go together. Just do a search on the web for "paypal problems" and you'll see tens of thousands of complaints about them. This is a much higher number than ANY OTHER payment processor, even though paypal is by far, not the largest payment processor out there. You may have been lucky. And if so, that's great. But everyone's lucky when they play Russian roulette until they're not.
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I believe that if you don't have any funny business or try to fool someone using PayPal than they are the most trusted and reputable company one may find for payment processing.
Thankfully, there are so many there! One of the best examples is Prineta. The best thing about this service provider is that it doesn’t hesitate to support high risk merchants. Compare this to highly rigid criteria that PayPal maintains for the same. In addition to this, Prineta also provides you with lots of options to choose from.
I liked working with Prineta. Roxxy and her team were awesome, they can get nearly anything done. Another good company to work with is Swipetec.net out of Los Angeles. They can do on shore and off for their merchant accounts. They're authorize.net resellers, but they have the whole range of merchant services and low monthly minimums, which is a plus. James is my contact there, if it helps.
Paypal has been working for me and million of others for ages. The companies your are spam posting have been around for only a few months or years. I wouldn't trust any of these new payment processing companies at ALL not even if they would offer free processing. The past has shown that they will go down and burn you and your business. I say PayPal is the way to go if you are a honest business.

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