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Check processing in paypal


Sep 10, 2009
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I am very new to paypal , In my application am using Paypal, Now additionally I want use e check processing with the use of paypal, it would be great if any one help regarding this issue ? Please share you idea regarding this..........

As far as I know you can connect your checking account with your paypal. But I am not sure if they can process check payments for your expenses or purchases. That's really a different kind of deal.
It has no issues with echeck the only problem is that echeck transfers might take sometime to clear. In most cases it is 3 days. So if you need instant payment then you might want to consider paying in the normal way.
Do you mean request a check for your paypal balance or are you saying you want to process a check that was given to you on paypal. If that's what you mean i'm not sure if you can do that they should've paid you with a debit or credit.

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