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Choice Bank of Belize faces liquidity problems


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Right. There is none yet. It s not the bank, its your nationality. That s why opening accounts in other countries doesn t work either. We have to wait.


New member
You are saying that they will only send the money to a bank sedated on you nationality country? Makes no sense ...

John L

New member
I don`t think we have to resend the documents again, if they said they are ok in the first place, only if something changed in our documents or if didn`t sent them at all by now.
There are a lot of people who didn`t sent the Wire Transfer form and supporting documents, as you can see from that last update.
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Patrick Haarlem

New member
I would say: if your claim has been admitted, wholly or partially, and if you haven't received anything, you would need to re-issue the Wire Transfer forms with different bank details.


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That notice is for the people who got their claims approved but never submitted the wire transfer documents, from 1200 people only 305 have sent it. So you don't have to resend them, the only reason why you haven't recieved your money yet is because you're a resident of one of those 58 countries that for some reason the bank doesn't want to transfer money to. But apparently the liquidator is trying to find a solution for that problem.


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hi FLO . you sent passport or id ?

i sent id because i don t have passport, i told them i don t have and they just replied on 3 july " received with thanks"

nohing else since then . i suppose they should have said something about passport
ok . so they might ask for notarized passport so get ready . your id might not be enough .
also i read somethingthat some countries are on black list and can t get paid : Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia and many more .
Hi Bogdan, can you tell me please if u sent notraized passport
i sent documents on 3 june . no reply since then , i have heard few persons got paid but i did not .
any updates ?
Hi Bogdan, can u tell me please, if u sent also notarized passport?


New member
I asked them what happening with money and why all take so long and they sens me that email:

" Thank you for your email.

Your wire transfer form for partial payout was reviewed and approved by the Liquidator on August 19, 2019.

However, the Liquidation Team currently has only one bank to execute wire transfers and the partial payout. This bank will not process wires to countries that it deems outside its risk tolerance. This is bank's policy. Your Country (Romania) is one of 58 that the bank classifies as "restricted".

The Liquidation Team is working diligently to secure other payment options and service providers. As soon as we are able to secure another agent or route, we will inform you.

We completely understand your frustration and we wish to reassure that your partial payout is safe and secured.


The Liquidation Team "

Patrick Haarlem

New member

As far as I was concerned, YES, I sent a NOTARIZED copy of my passport. Actually, all the documents I sent to the liquidator were notarized.
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