Choice Bank of Belize faces liquidity problems

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  1. Angelina

    Angelina New Member

    Hey guys I also have a problem with choice bank and firstchoice pay :( I have a lot of money to lose and I was told about it 2 days ago. Is there any chance to solve it?
  2. Axe

    Axe New Member Entrepreneur

    Consider urself lucky. You ve missed out on 3 months of hell. There is nothing you can do now. I say are lucky.
  3. ChoiceCentralBelize

    ChoiceCentralBelize New Member

    I don't know who exactly is worse... Choice Bank or Central Bank...!?

    Honestly who do you think that it's better for us and why?

    Why in the firstplace didn't Choice Bank let us withdraw from 5k daily to...lets say 500$ daily...ten times smaller the amount that we used to had acces!

    So in this way they were having the necessary time to resolve their issues with everyone, without creating chaos with it's depositors and less noise to the Central Banks "ears"....
    And everyone would've lived happily ever after!

    But no!
    Let's fuck their lifes!
    They deserve this!
    Because we can... and maybe we can steal these fellas some money!
    We are just millionaires, and we live for 200years and we need to become billionaires...

    Shit nightmare that keeps going and going...

    Good night...
  4. Elvira Amiraslanova

    Elvira Amiraslanova New Member

    hello.i have same problem with firstchoisebank.where i can write and ask about money maybe whos know?cjoise not answer me(
  5. Elvira Amiraslanova

    Elvira Amiraslanova New Member

    Someone hired a lawyer ?
  6. Angelina

    Angelina New Member

    But i was paying this card week ago :( i could get all the money from ATM if I would know. Firstchoice pay support said they sent me couple of emails that I should spend money before 30th June but I didn’t get even one of them...
  7. KrsPeeva

    KrsPeeva New Member

    No News here too...still waiting on their response . If I don't hear anything from them I will not wait till the end of the year....I'll just get legal help and fly out down there to claim for what's mine. This is disaster least tell the people what is going with their money.
    It's bank........ not a brain surgery . If they continue keeping it quiet like this for a very long time it's a bad sign . Bad for them and bad for us.
  8. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    the site of Choice Bank is not the one you say there... on the choice bank's site it says that site is a scammer and they do pishing, so don't contact them.

    How could you don't know anything all these monthes? Didn't you need the money? Till june 30th we could withdraw and use with the card 10K but all the people who had more than 10K had the difference locked there. When they said they were going to pay us, the central bank entered and took the total control, now we are at the beginning again.

    I research about Belize's banks and they have a great reputation because the Central Bank makes them have a great minimun liquidity, too much more than in other countries. It's one of the main offshore banks country, I don't think they would do something for lose their reputation, they live thanks of the banks money, if this problem becomes popular nobody would leave the money there because it isn't safe then.

    I think they will pay us soon. Lets be positive
  9. Angelina

    Angelina New Member

    Oh yes thank you for being positive ❤️ I am gonna to start thinking positive too, that’s all we have. I wonder How many people are in the same situation?
  10. Flo

    Flo New Member

    Hi everyone!
    I was in touch with Choice Bank's support last month . I sent all the papers they required for wire transfer into my bank account to Kendra Garbutt, she told me the transfer will take about 1 week,and since then(23 June) I have no news. She doesn't answer to my emails anymore and none of Choice Bank emails I don't get answer from..
    I found on their website this information "The Central Bank appointed a liquidator. As such, all the rights, powers, responsibilities and authorisations of shareholders, directors, officers responsible for management of Choice Bank Limited and any other person previously authorised to act or give instructions on behalf of Choice Bank Limited are terminated with effect from 29 June 2018."
    My curiosity is.. they really wanted to transfer the money.. and they stopped? ...
    Thank you for reading :*
  11. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    This seems like FBME all over again :eek:
  12. Claudia

    Claudia New Member

    sorry my ignorance, what is FBME? haha
  13. ChoiceCentralBelize

    ChoiceCentralBelize New Member

    A bank!
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  14. ChoiceCentralBelize

    ChoiceCentralBelize New Member

    Can you believe that noone from Central Bank or the liquidator himself never respond?!

    I mailed them daily but I got only one general reply one week ago... since then absolutely nothing!

    Corrupt country with a corrupt system!

    We need to gather more and make some noise in that country!

    It is our money and only if we are stupid we will accept to loose it all...

    Let s not be stupid... ok?!
  15. Elian

    Elian New Member

    I managed to contact a lawyer from Belize via email. I got a reply from her saying that she's been dealing with the Choice bank situation for the last couple of months and that she has sued the bank on behalf of her client with the hope that a Court order will force a payout. I am trying to set up a teleconferrence with her to get more details and will let you know how it went.
  16. ChoiceCentralBelize

    ChoiceCentralBelize New Member

    Maybe she can take more of us!

    I wait for your info!

  17. KrsPeeva

    KrsPeeva New Member

    I'm calling the bank tomorrow again. Last week when I spoke with Central Bank first then with new representative of Choice Bank they promised to contact me back and to send me a form to fill out ... of course I din't hear anything back since then .
    All I know is that if they don't respond or give me my money .. I'm not only going to take them to court but 'll spread the info about the entire situation all over the internet to people.... so they all know not to do any business with Belize banks or waste their money going there.
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  18. Elian

    Elian New Member

    Please let us know if you find out anything new.
  19. KrsPeeva

    KrsPeeva New Member

    I will,
    Elian can you share the lawyer info you contracted ? How did you manage to contact her?
  20. Elian

    Elian New Member

    sure, her email adress is [email protected] . She replied after a week least she replied.