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Discussion in 'Business Discussion' started by casabel, May 17, 2018.

  1. casabel

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    Hello everyone & thank you for welcoming me on your forum.

    I was referred to this forum by an acquaintance elsewhere on the net as I am in need of advice.

    I am looking to close my IBC incorporated in Anguilla last year.

    The incorporator wants 1500$ to liquidate, I have also been told by a friend (& from looking on google) to just leave it run & to do nothing.

    Has anyone had any experience of this? I would prefer to just let it run and not pay 1500$ obviously.

    Thank you

  2. respect

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    If you don't mind saying...what's the reason of closing the company?

    I am interested because, it's not common that someone wants to close an offshore company one year after incorporation.
  3. negon

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    You can just leave it and run. They will resign sooner or later and the company will be resolved.
  4. casabel

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    RE: respect

    Hurricane Irma, Jose & then Maria is the simplest reason.

    I was running a business before on Saint-Martin an island close to Anguilla but took advise to reincorporate in Anguilla and bank on Sint Maarten.

    Due to the destruction caused the business is no longer viable
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  5. casabel

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    Thank you