UK Ltd with emi bank account
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Coinbase Hands Over Customer Data to UK Tax Authority

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Of course. Would let it cool down & then it would all go into Monero ;-)

Then through a few steps from there to safeguard it all.

I do NOT plan to take part in the digital gulag anyway, would rather do business in a real, free market - with or without having made a capital gain on what I initially bought.
I wonder where these are if the people are isolated and afraid of face to face meetings. So real is hard to find and free it is not anyway.


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A really bad idea.
Robbery is one of the crimes where police from where you are from really starts acting.
Your story does not make completely sense and you are fucked. It is a crime to invent crimes and report them.
You can loose the crypto in easier ways without faking this type of crime.
Well, they do not care anyway much if you come with the usual story. But I agree with you that the plan has upside potential.
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