Cook Trust, Nevis LLC for asset protection

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by hey, May 10, 2018.

  1. hey

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    I see that is not a safe company to work with as a few here in a previous thread don't recommend them. But I was watching his videos and he claims that your money and assets and 100% safe from all US judgements.


    But can't you still be held in contempt of court? I am an American btw.

    So go to jail or lose your money.....What am I missing here? If I am right, what benefit does the Cook Trust and Nevis LLC for asset protection give you?
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  2. lostguy

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    A Trust and Foundation is what most people in your situation look into. It's a legal way to avoid to pay too much tax and to protect your assets! What I would do as a us citizens is to consult a good corporate lawyer close you. I would pay him to help you setup something for instant in Cook Islands or Rhino (USA) or even a third place.
  3. predator

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    Where do you setup the Trust and foundation, country and agent please?
  4. hey

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    I see what your saying, but what I mean is. In his videos he claimed that your assets are protected if anybody wanted to get your stuff. While that may be true....In America, if they wanted to get your stuff (assume they know about the trust) they would hold you in contempt of court. Meaning, because they can't get the Cook Islands to open your account, they will put you in jail until you open it up yourself.

    So, either you sit in jail forever or you lose you stuff. Either way your still screwed. Unless I missed something, there is no point to having an overseas trust.
  5. predator

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    I agree it may not be a good idea to do that for US citizens, on the other hand, how should they ever find out?