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Copenhagen Treaty Will Affect Offshore Financial Freedom

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Lord Monckton who was an advisor to Margaret Thatcher is urging people

around the world to spread the word. This IS NOT from a conspiracy nut case. Lord Monckton read the treaty and is urging you to contact your elected representatives in order to influence your leader not to sign the treaty. Those from the G-7 countries and other countries of the world please warn your government officials about this since they are likely to sign this treaty thinking they are doing a positive thing for climate change, but little do they know they are going to sign away YOUR freedoms to a one world government which will control everything. Please listen to Lord Monckton on the URL below:

2GB Media Player - Is the Copenhagen treaty about creating a world government?

Also, google in the words "Lord Monckton, world government, climate change" and you can listen to him speak on u-tube.

• Details of the 200 page draft Copenhagen Treaty are being concealed from the people

• The science behind Global Warming has collapsed - It is a trick to get countries to sign

• The Treaty has been kept secret, but was discovered in a “note by the Secretariat”

• The word “Government” is explicitly referred to in the Treaty, a global Soviet style system

• This proposed World Government is designed to take over all global free markets

• The Copenhagen Treaty will take precedence over all national Constitutions

• There is NO provision to exit the Copenhagen Treaty by countries that sign

• Lord Monckton is urging people around the world to spread the word

Report-October 2009


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Seems to be some root organisation which is spreading propaganda .... :)
Offshore Bank Accounts
Utopia - P2P ecosystem and payments
Offshore Bank Accounts