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  1. IAmNotTheTaxman

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    Hi everyone.

    I'm in the process of setting up a Costa Rican SRL company in order to run an online Casino and Sportsbook (using a major B2B provider's software that I work closely with). We are going to be setting up a Maltese company (for tax treaty reasons) to handle the PSP's and bank accounts on behalf of the Costa Rican company.

    So far we are only in the beginning stages of setting up the SRL, and have only recently reached out to a lawyer. Since operating online Casinos / Sportsbooks in Costa Rica isn't necessarily illegal, we won't be purchasing a "Data Processing License" because it won't be needed.

    I will keep this thread updated, as I am aware of a few users who had been looking into Costa Rican gambling company setups and companies to incorporate in Costa Rica.

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    Hey man,

    I will follow you,good luck!:D
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  3. Banker89

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    Thank you, sounds interesting. The most interesting thing is where you can open bank accounts.
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  4. IAmNotTheTaxman

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    I agree. I'm working with some partners who are in charge of deciding the banking / PSP side of things, so I'm curious to see how the banking and processing applications go. Will update, nonetheless.
  5. pluma

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    long long time not been here. What is the Costa Rica agent to use for all of this?
  6. IAmNotTheTaxman

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    I'm unsure, some partners are in charge of that aspect.
  7. pluma

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    what do you mean by that? did you find a solution at this time?
  8. IAmNotTheTaxman

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    We ended up going a different route (through Malta alone), and avoided Costa Rica for corp. setup. We do have servers setup in CR though.
  9. Milky Moon

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    Did you investigate curacao?
  10. IAmNotTheTaxman

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    Yes. I work for a company that has a current GL in Curaçao, however we used Malta for this particular project for some other reasons (EU holdco purposes). Curaçao is a great jurisdiction for Gaming Licenses, and I just figured out they are abolishing the 2% e-zone tax regime there; meaning that licensed Curaçao corps. will now act as Exempted companies (0% tax).