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Discussion in 'WebDesign' started by lookingforward, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. zarzar

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    Here i share my feedback.

    I was in a huge mess because I needed to do a custom corporate website is few weeks.

    Without any skill, I ask a quote. Amazing colaboration. The best price for quality you can get for sure. The guy knows what he does and he made the job in time at the highest level of quality.

    Very kind, very productive and he has amazing photoshop / design mind. If you need a very beautiful website with every features do not hesitate to work with him.

    Very professionnal, you can sleep on your two ears you project will go through at 100% at the right price and for the right quality.

    This is not a biased review. just a exigeant customer who says what he think because this guy deserves to work and to magnify your projects.
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  2. lookingforward

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    Thank you very much @zarzar , was a pleasure to work with you. And you know that i will help you in future requests if i will be needed as well.
  3. lookingforward

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    Available once again.
  4. lookingforward

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    Update, accepting PayPal and Wire now.
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    can i get a peak at ur portfolio?