CRS: From France to Germany - PEA, Livret A, Assurance vie etc


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Hi all,

In France, the government offers some special accounts that are taxed at a lower rate e.g. PEA (you can buy stocks and funds and after 5 years you only have to pay social charges of 17.5% but no taxes on gains, limited to EUR150,000), Livret A (interest account excluded from taxes, limited to around EUR22,950) and Assurance Vie (live insurance with some tax benefits).

If I would now move from France to Germany or another country in Europe, I would lose all the benefits I assume. Do you know if those French accounts are also reported to CRS if I move to Germany? What if I forget to inform my bank that I moved to another country? Will they still treat me the same as if I would pay taxes in France with all the special benefits for PEA, Assurance vie, Livret A etc?