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    That's unfortunate there customer service is that bad. I would recommend to transfer a lot smaller fiat in the start and do more smaller tests.

    (Bank > Transferwise > Revolut > Exchange) Thats true but if you did it this way you can avoid that problem.
    (Bank > Transferwise > Paysera > Revolut > Exchange) If you do it this way it will be a lot faster, don't know about the fee yet though.
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    That is the plan :)

    Quick update:

    No word from Mistertango. To me, that automatically eliminates it as suitable solution since it's been almost a week with no word back from support! How am I supposed to trust them with my momey.

    Naturally started looking into alternatives:

    contacted B2BPay - they were quick to state that they do not support Crypto transactions.

    Contacted ICARD.com and I, for once, received a clear answer about their crypto policy

    I am opening an account with them a getting the card (for 10 EUR). Their issue is that they have a monthly limit for 30,000 EUR for outgoing payments.

    I want to test Advcash next

    anyone has any experience with Change bank - Change — your blockchain-based digital banking app ?
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    Hi, thanks for posting your progress on this issue. My comments are below:
    I doubt EMIs can provide a prompt and timely support. Most of them (if not all) are small startups and I've read that their are totally overwhelmed with thousands of new sign ups which highly exceed their response capacity. It doesn't necessarily mean they are fishy but that their target/business model is probably SMALL payments of utilities or P2P which do not require a specific engagment/correspondence with every user. Anything more complex probably falls out their very core business and thus takes a much longer approach.
    As for ICARD, what they replied it's interesting news because I've read their are a sister company of LeuPay which we know bans and rejects ANYTHING related with Cryto Currencies.
    Regarding AdvCash, beware as they do not provide a dedicated/unique IBAN, nor a card (there are only for EU residents) and are quite restrictive with the income funds (almost only from an account in your name)
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    Interesting update, thanks @Fox7
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    Very interesting. I had no idea that ICARD is Leupay's sister company.

    As for EMI Startup capacity, I understand where you're coming from, but with scale comes more revenue, which they can easily re-invest in customer service.