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    Hi everyone ...

    Firstly let me say I am thrilled I found this forum. I am an Indian citizen but I currently live in Costa Rica. If anyone knows anything about Costa Rican banking they will know its ancient with no sort of security for your money and no real customer service. On top banks do not support crypto traders.

    I am looking to form an offshore corp and business account but I have no idea what banks are good for these. I have been in touch with CIM in Switzerland and I am able to open a personal account there, which I am in the process of doing, but they prefer I do my monthly deposits from my personal account. I am ok with that as I plan to use that for my day to day banking needs.

    I do need something for my business transactions. A bank that would allow me to withdraw my crypto balances and send money to exchanges. Also I run a sales and marketing consultancy and would be useful If I am able to receive monthly payments from my clients too. I do already have a business account in Costa Rica but once again the system is so ancient, I am tired of using these banks.

    I am in the process of verifying a leupay account and I already have a verifier transfer wise account too. But I would like to have a normal corporate bank account. Was looking into setting up a new corporation somewhere that doesnt sound dodgy and have a reputable bank account.

    Please advise.
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    Welcome aboard :) I hope you enjoy your stay and happy to hear that you like the forum.
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    Thank you. This has really been an eye opener.