Dark Net / Deep dot Web - what is it?

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    Hello Guys,

    I was wondering what the Places are in Darknet to find stuff like headhunters, drugs and other illegal stuff?

    Is this for real or are people simply spreading shit around that such places exists on the Internet / Darknet ?

    I have read Valhalla, Dream and The Hub all three are simple places where people discuss drugs nothing special if you ask me.

    I would like how or where to find the real places in the darknet?

    Seems most start here DeepDotWeb - Surfacing The News From The Deep Web
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  3. Luigi

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    I've never did a transaction in the darknet and never will. there are too many scammers there, even more than your government.
    Besides that I'm not interested in drugs, weapons or whatever they sell there, there is no warranty that they even exist, and many websites there go down very frequently. Anarchy rules there.

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    You have might have heard of zeronet its basically a new type of web. If it starts generating a lot of traffic in the future it could be possible to create large websites without the need for large servers, Zeronet is not the only contender in the street there are many others it all comes down to who will think the most creatively. Theoretically zeronet could scale to bigger sites with more users connecting together into a giant web. Many people doubt that large websites could be created like this and with good reason. The last thing and the probably the most important thing is that a site can not be taken down like a normal website its bullet proof.

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    Copyright holders are the ones that will become the most scared to shit if this takes off.
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    First time I hear abour zeronet. How does it work?

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  8. Shlomo

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    I bought stuff from darknet markets a few times, but nothing seriously illegal like contracting the services of hitmen or buying weapons. Long ago, such hitmen services were advertised, but I heard they were just scams. It was however possible to buy various kinds of firearms, but these days they seem to have disappeared from the big marketplaces.