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Dedicated server hosting for my website?


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Jan 19, 2009
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Anyone that could suggest a good company with good uptime and cheap setup fee ?

I'm looking to host several websites on the server and also to offer cheap webhosting on a shared plan. The server should come with a Linux OS and have a good CP.
You will have a wealth of options for this, what just comes into my mind is More... they are a okay company else look into More... also a okay company...

And finally a very expansive but good solution rackspace
I’m using Bluehost because I could host several sites at one account. So far, I am not finding any trouble about the uptime. I have about 5 different website with them and I say that the shared hosting work best for me.
How about hostgator? it was a dream host for me during my intial stages of ecommerce business. But now, i have joined with my friends and host my sites in hostgator. They are a bit costly but the best.