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Did You Ever Forgot Your Money-Bag/Purse???


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Sep 17, 2009
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When I was about to pay the bill...I searched my pockets then I realized that I forgot my money-purse; in a small restaurant after finishing my breakfast that too in a different locality with different dialect where not everyone does not understand the English,and even if they understand it does not going to solve my problem,after all these people are not going to let go one person(they are doing their business/not for charity purpose!!).... that too when the day was about to begin for every one of us.....the restaurant owner wants to start the day with profit....and so on.

They did not asked me to wash those utensils and nor they allowed me to left the restaurant either......after a long discussion with my broken English/ Hindi and theirs Tamil....we got into a settlement that I will get the money latter on...only if I part my wristwatch with them.

Its really very embarrassing!!! I wouldn't have mind it at all if had it been some other items etc, but in my case its the foodie which I cannot regurgitate (VOMIT-OUT)....So Dear Mylotter what to do in that situation please suggest!!!!
One day I went to pay my electricity bill and after paying the bill I moved towards my car parking. I suddenly dropped my purse and didnt even knew that. I came back to my home and found that I lost my purse. I almost lost my cradit cards, debit cards and some money.

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