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Difference between personal and business Paypal accounts

Refer to this post here Adobe - Adobe Reader download - All versions to see detailed differences between fees of PayPal Personal, Premier and Business Account. There you can find some additional information about other companies.

But in a nutshell, apply to Premier or Business Account only if you plan to receive more than 500$ per month.
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Thanks. Is Paypal doing the hold back on all types of accounts or just the business accounts?

Also, what about protecting your identity. If you don't want you name emailed to a customer when they submit a payment, do you have to use a business account with a business name?
The big difference is that under a Business Paypal account, you are using a Business name instead of your own personal name. So when someone is sending you a payment/money, they are sending it to your business's name, not your name. You are the owner of the account though.
Personal accounts will not be subjected to much fee. But the business account can have unlimited sending and receiving options. The fee amount will be huge. There are lots of features attached in business account.