Digital nomad offshore comp + EMI set-up... help :(


Things linke Seychelles and even Gibraltar are not good in 2019. Because:
1. You dont get proper banking and no good debit cards.
2. A lot of these classic offshore centers started to introduce rules like substance requirements and due to pressure from EU it's getting more and more unattractive.

In your case best choice would be an US LLC. If you stay the only member there you dont have to submit anything to government, no accounting and 0% tax. When you travel constantly without permanent residence or you live in country with terretorial tax system like Panama you dont pay any tax as indvidual either. With US LLC u have a reputable company and can open a real us business bank account(personal visit required). You can also get a Transferwise account for it no problem. Another choice would be estonian company, where you can pay yourself salary tax free. You can get eu bank accounts for it but you have to do accounting for an estonian company

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