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Do we need to go to Cyprus to register a Cyprus Company?

This question has been asked many times, and the answer is, NO you don't need to visit Cyprus in order to register a company there, you will deal with this online.
not again.....before asking do you never see which have been asked previously in the forum or not?

anyways i'll tell you When registering a company in Cyprus it is important to know that there are two types of nominee services, the local Cypriot nominee’s and the foreign nominees, the difference are that if a foreign nominee service is used the company can be registered as IBC (International Business Company) which is subject to core tax and:

A Cyprus Company Formation with Cypriot nominee shareholder and directors pay regular 10% tax.

A Cyprus company Formation with Foreign nominee shareholder and director is subject to cero tax.

A Cyprus Company can always open a bank account in Cyprus also if the shareholders and director are foreigners.

With a Cyprus Company you can register anonymously and your privacy and assets are secured.

A Cyprus Company can register a company in another offshore jurisdiction and is often in that way housed as a Holding Company.