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Do you have a teenage daughter ?


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Jan 7, 2009
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This tip might save you some money.

If you have a daughter she likely

A) has a cell phone


B) uses your home phone line all the time


C) has a second line


D) is a complete dork

or all of the above

This story will sound familiar. Daughter was always using the phone so i bought her a cell phone, she racked up a huge bill, explained to her how money doesnt grow on trees ( she explained how money is actually made from trees therefor it does grow on trees ) , she racked it up again , i cut it off, she tied up the phone all day , so i got her a second line in the house and a cell phone with a prepaid plan she cant charge anything on.

The upside is my phone is no longer tied up the downside is its costing me almost $100 a month to do so.

So i bought her this thing Read it here

Its a phone jack you plugin to your usb port of your computer that you just plug a regular phone into , you get your own number in whatever city you want, voicemail , callerid , etc , you can take it to any computer in the world , phonecalls to canada/usa numbers are free 24/7 from anywhere in the world. all it cost is 20 a YEAR for service and like 40 for the usb thingy.

The service is pretty good , better than a cell phone, occasionally it drops calls or sounds a little distant but overall it works , she is satisfied and i manage to save almost $100 a month
Your daughter has a lot of expenses. it's a good thing you bought that gadget it certainly save you a lot of money. But you should also control your daughter because someday it just not be the phone you will worry about.
Great idea, its good way to keep phone bills under check but there are so many more issues that have to be kept under strict vigil while grooming young girls. My sis has to go through tough times as she has to look after two teen aged daughters.

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