Do you know bitpanda ?

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  1. negon

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    I just signed up for and half a way the verification process it finally ask me for identification by WebCam fin4774" I don't want that.

    If anyone of you like to stay private you will avoid all the wallets that started using web cam verification with this shitty German IDnow company!

    What you risk is that all your information is directly reported to your local tax office like all financial transactions, furthermore they can keep track on the use of bitcoins! Do you really want that? NO you don't.
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  2. DeMajor

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    2 quick questions:

    a) why do you want to use them at all, I mean what is it they have the other wallets don't have?
    b) can't you just send them your documents by e-mail or upload them?
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  3. negon

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    I found it because I wanted to use PayPal and Skrill to buy bitcoins. So I was happy that I finally found a wallet that could do that. Then I cam to the verification stage where they asked me for Video verification, Go Fuck Yourself that the only thing I can say. They will report any activity so I don't want to use them.

    No it is not possible to send them any documents, they suck crock balls.
  4. brutalzorn

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    Do you think there is alternative to this wallet that not require this verification? They accept PayPal and can be why they need to do it?
  5. Luigi

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    I know that a few websites, like airbnb, require camera verification of your ID, however that's the first time I hear about bitpanda.
    If you want privacy I think that the best would be choosing another site.
    I'll chase this site and will come back if I get any news. Thanks for the link.
  6. negon

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    Yeah I'm already looking for alternatives to this provider.
  7. AlexKosmo

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    It's new day for vertification via Cam, which sucks for me too. I tried, but fees is to high, there you don't need to use vertification via cam. I heard | Buy Bitcoins in the UK | Bitcoin Wallet | Debit Card is good and it's looks they asking for selfie with id and card which is better than webcam. They need thoose vertifications due to huge number of fraud and companies which receive complains have to return stolen money.
  8. negon

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    Do they require webcam or not? if it is just high resolution selfie it's not a problem to get that done!
  9. AlexKosmo

    AlexKosmo New Member

    I will check it later, it's on other my acc.
  10. AlexKosmo

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    We are sorry to tell you that your verification was denied. Here is why it has happened:
    Please, submit a selfie with your ID document in your hands. All document details must be clearly visible. Thank you.

    Current document doesn't meet our AML/KYC requirements and cannot be accepted for verification. We will need another document from you. Please submit a high quality scanned image or a direct online extract of the following documents: Bank statement of your current account, Utility bill, Tax return, Council Tax bill, Certificate of Residency issued by a government, within the last 3 months and addressed to your name and home address. We cannot accept mobile phone bill, credit card statements or insurance documents as proof of residence.

    I tried to confirm 2 different accounts, one in UK and one in Spain, both received the same message. And what about blockchain, what they are asking after typing your card details?
  11. negon

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    That's why you need high quality documents..
  12. AlexKosmo

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    To be honest I had good quality docs. I think it's their spark to say it's failed and ask for selfie. I don't know it for sure, but... Let me know if it's passed for you without any issues. What about blockchain, are they good? What are they asking for? I need to find something as running out of bits. Where are you getting selfies from?
  13. Zyncol

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    Any other options to buy Bitcoin with Skrill?
  14. hogabedo

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    I have never faced such problems with 3commas, maybe that's time to switch.