Does it possible to open EMI with fake details?


Does it possible to open EMI with fake details and also receive debit card and withdraw cash from any ATM of your country?
Or hold money on your EMI and exchange it with an exchanger and receive to your own local bank?
Because we dont trust EMIs to upload our real documents and want to open with anonymous (fake) details.


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You don't trust EMIs with your documents so you are going to open with fake docs... uhm.. okay...
You still need to obtain the physical debit card, transfer funds in/out, etc.

But to answer, many of the EMIs require Skype type verification now. But not all.
It will be a big pain to make 100% fake docs and if they ask for extra stuff (most do) you will be stuck.


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Possible? Yes. Smart? No.

Modern verification software can identify fake ID documents. As James said, also consider common additional requirements EMI's impose - submitting an ID selfie or attending a video call.

Work towards a second residency or citizenship. Change your name in that other country, and use your fresh document where trust is a concern.

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