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E-commerce help please!


Sep 10, 2009
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Rightn my site I 'd like to have an affiliate golf store. The only way I've found of doing this so far is through Amazon. Here is an example on a development site of mine - california-golfer.com/store.php

What I want to do is put on a golf specific affiliate store, to give the site a bit more credibilty. I've looked at a few options but nothing has quite satisfied my need. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind how it's done, as long as I earn commision and that it fits in with the site.

any ideas?
I think it would be better if you put up golfing product reviews on your site and link them to amazon's page. You might also find golf stores on CJ and put their affiliate links on your site. Put up Amazon product windows on your side-bars and also put a Chitika mini-mall somewhere visible. Most people searching for golf stuff are likely to be American so you'll get earnings from the chitika widget.

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