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Earn more now

What are you looking for and which figures are you looking for?

If it is the small end your looking then, Google AdSense or other PPC programs could generate a good income.
If you really need to earn money quickly then I won’t suggest getting a site since it need a lot of time and dedication. What you could do is get an online job. You could get them at sites like Getafreelance and webmaster forums like Digitalpoint.
Try to find out your skills with which you can bank upon. I am sure you have to dug out and verify it. Check out if you can write good English. If so you can start writing articles and do manual directory submission and other online jobs.
It is really hard to find a reliable income which suits an individual. Further not all who enter adsense and affiliate programs would be successful. The most important thing needed is patience and the ability to learn everytime we make mistakes. If we get everything right then we would be the ultimate winner in any field you choose.
There are several ways to make decent money online. I've a friend who created a website and made it grow. He's a patient man, he waited for 6 months for his website to generate an income. Try and make your own website, this will open more doors to you for potential income.
Keep in mind that if you want to earn money right now, then an online business will not do the trick. People may talk about affiliate marketing or writing blogs, but those take time to develop. If you want to do freelance work, then you'll have to hunt around the internet or use another forum as suggested to find some work. Best of luck.
Those suggestions may help you a bit, but my advice is to prepare now for the next one. Last time I learned that I wanted my business to be as creditor free as possible, so this time, while I noticed the lack of money coming in, I didn't have to stress about it so much.
If you want to supplement your current income, then you can try blogging and forum posting. With help of various writing opportunities, you can brand yourself as an expert for more opportunities.