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Question Eastern Europe Non-Resident Bank Accounts? (e.g. Ukraine)

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Can anyone share experiences with opening personal non-resident bank accounts in eastern Europe?

I already know about Serbia and Montenegro but also looking into other options like Ukraine.
I found different information online on what documents are indeed needed. Maybe someone can tell from own experience if passport and proof of stay (hotel) are enough?

Also happy to hear about other recommendations of other countries in the east where it is possible to get non-residents accounts without a lot of documents (must have debit cards).


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Not sure why it has to be the Eastern Europe but have you looked into Republic of Georgia? There is a lot of information around here.


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Ukraine banks are a joke. As is the whole country (people are mostly nice though, as you would expect from Easter Europeran slavic nation).
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Ukraine has a very strong banking system. Presently. You can easily open a multi-currency account in one of the top UA - banks. And do Internet banking, etc. One of the documents needed is a proof of residence. Or registration (stamped in your passport) as it is called in Ukraine. Good luck! You will have to register with UA Tax authorities as well. As a foreign notational you will need to comply with the Tax reporting in this country. This is too complicated to explain here. Trial and error, and you will get what you deserve.


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You can open in Croatia, get a OIB (Croatian tax number - it takes 15 min to make it) and open it - in some banks you don't need to be a resident to open an acc, the OIB you got in 15 min will be enough.

Poland also has 2 banks that will take non residents (you need to present your tax ID from your country of tax residence to do this). North Macedonia and Albania are also an option. Moldova also possible, but why would you. Just joking maybe you have a good reason.

I know one bank in Lithuania that does it but the fees are ridiculously exorbitant.
You can also check Belarus but you need to be a bit prepared because the level of service they offer in English is zero. It can be done through a provider though. The amount of information they need is very minimum. All they need is your passport and company's documents
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
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