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Easy Earning Equation, The TRIPLE "E" concept


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Sep 15, 2009
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If you are an Online earning adventurist, you should understand this TRIPLE "E" concept or Easy Earning Equation.Of course this equation changes from time to time unlike any mathematical equations which are always constant.

you have to spare 150 minutes to earn from this strategies.

1- Spare 50 minutes to join 10 trusted PTCs to earn $20/month.

2- Spare 50 minutes to join some product review/writing/Forum websites to earn $30/month.

3-Spare 50 minutes to search/browse for expanding your referral base and hunt for new websites which are being lunched everyday.

I have applied this equation and earning $50 with minimal efforts and zero investment.
It is a type of spam, this guy is believeing in God and that he is the next world leader in master of profits :D
Sorry must admit with the other replies, don't see the big point here, if you want to make some pennies go ahead use this method, if you want to make real money, start a business with a great product or service that is easy to sell and which has less competition.

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