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EMI annoys with tax documents?

From your experience which bank has annoyed you the most with document questions and which the least?
I am not the right person to ask this question. I currently have 4 ongoing litigations with 4 banks in 4 different countries :confused:
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Hi, does anyone know an EMI that doesn't annoy it's customers as soon as 6-7 figures go through the account by asking for tax related documents such as tax returns? IMO this is too much to ask for an EMI.

Anyone knows one?
It's impossible to give a valid general answer, I am afraid. The inquisitiveness of an EMI (or a financial institution in general) depends heavily on the country of incorporation of your company, the business you are in, the nationality and residence of UBOs and directors, your history and some other factors.
For example, Currenxie never even asked for financials for one of my companies running 6 figures with them and concurrently I witnessed another company (of my business partner) not being accepted even after quite a thorough investigation.