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EMI for cashing PayPal?


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Dec 2, 2020
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I'm looking for an EMI that can issue mutliple VCCs that can be linked to PayPal for withdrawls.

1. This VCC should be VISA obviously.
2. No billing address is attached to the cards. so they would be linked without editting the address on PayPal.
3. I should be able issue as many cards as I want.
4. There shouldn't be a problem using the card under different PayPal name.

5. [Optional] EMI can be used for non EU residents.

Wise Vcc works well in this situation but it has few drawbacks.

PS: I will be using UK compay. I don't mind paying monthly fees. I don't mind paying fees for issuing cards as well as long it is below $5. All transfers will be sent directly from PayPal accounts.

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