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    I am looking for alternative to Xapo or maybe Advcash with working virtual or plastic card and allows you to fund account with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

    1. Xapo I heard are not as before since wave crest stopped issuing them cards
    2. Advcash allows funding with cryptos but have no cards
    3. I need something that won't require selfie or video calling verification.
    4. Most importantly, I should have a card to use online.

    Please help me with any suggestion
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  2. negon

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    It's almost impossible to find an EMI that don't require video verification or selfie. You will need to find a work around for that and then use Mister Tango, LeuPay or Revolut which all three are crypto friendly.
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    i am also looking for same options waiting for spectro to ship my card
    and paycent required payment before ordering the card

    if any one willing to help me getting Mister Tango account
    cantact me telegram : syb0rg
    or wickr : Syb0rg

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    probably this common ? i opened account with skrill and adult emi without verification, i'm sure payoneer don't require vv/selfie .

    but only skrill is crypto friendly (although limit where you spend the crypto ) .