Emi with IBAN number on My own name ?

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  1. alegromat

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    Hello , is there any EMI that will provide Me with dedicated IBAN number on My own name ? I mean when I send money to someone else Iban account , They will se My own details. Just like a normal bank.
    Thanks for help guys !
  2. Internationaloff

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    Revolut, Leupay, Mistertango, N26, etc...
  3. alegromat

    alegromat Member

    Any of them works with paypal ?
  4. negon

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    None of them will work with PayPal. Unless you setup a company in the same country as where they are located.
  5. alegromat

    alegromat Member

    The only one I know which work with PayPal is TransferW , but They not offer IBAN on My personal details :/
  6. dimitri

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    I know for sure that Leupay and N26 work with Paypal.
  7. dimitri

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    I am not sure what you mean with IBAN on my personal details. With the Transferwise IBAN I can send money to the IBAN using my own name. Same with Leupay, Revolut etc. I think you do not really own the Transferwise IBAN, but it does work with your own name. Maybe because they only check the IBAN number and not if the name corresponds with the IBAN.

    Same with Leupay. If I send money to Leupay I send money to:
    Name: Leupay EUR account + IBAN number
    Name: Leupay USD account + IBAN number
    Money arrives without problems.
  8. Admin

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    Have been using the Mister Tango IBAN both ways. No problem so far.
  9. diablo

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    Vote for Mister Tango! Works perfectly fine. Revolut is a great EMI provider too!