EMIs accepting Belize

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by proples, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. proples

    proples New Member

    What EMI providers work with Belize companies?
  2. Suzy Emerald

    Suzy Emerald Member Entrepreneur

    Mister Tango
  3. proples

    proples New Member

    How about Leupay?
  4. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    IF you read the fourm just a little you will see that every response point to Mister Tango. There are no real alternatives to Belize. ;)
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  5. moneynetwork

    moneynetwork Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    Leupay will not work for a Belize company!
  6. Nyep

    Nyep New Member Entrepreneur

    Leuopay and Paysera will not work for any classic offshore anymore. They got off that horse.
  7. David97255

    David97255 Trusted Member Business Angel

    Mistertango take almost everything as mentioned here. Hope they will arrange SWIFT wire transfer soon.
  8. Samuel Newman

    Samuel Newman Offshore Desk expert Mentor Group Business Angel

    Mistertango, epayments, paxum, epayservices, payoneer
    but as for me, it's much better to setup Hong Kong, Gibraltar or Cyprus
    so you can use Paysera and Leupay
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  9. proples

    proples New Member

    Which one is the easiest / cheapest to set up?
  10. Suzy Emerald

    Suzy Emerald Member Entrepreneur

    Mrtango is probably the best known. I set all up in 20 mins.
  11. proples

    proples New Member

    Is the BVI a better choice for banking?