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EMIs require European residency?


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I checked on LeoPay which seems to be most people's favorites, and on their FAQ it says only if you're residing in Europe will they open you an account.

I live in Latin America with Latin citizenship. How can I open corporate and personal accounts there?


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I odn't believe you are unique in this situation but it is just difficult to find some EMI which accept non- EU citizens. In the past it was the USA that restricted access to EU citizens and there was a huge drama now it is the opposite.

None the less it is still possible to get something setup, you want to look here Are there any USA EMI's like revolut around?


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if you country not blacklisted by eu/us. you can open personal account in some emi (look the link above choice emi that accept all customers from all countries).
But the Visa/Mastercard it's the problem, because emi can send their card only to eu address.

Joe Blasco

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"residency" in practical terms, means your adress not any official resident ID, so you need a mail drop to establish as your adress and reforward to you...


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Most of emi want address confirmation like utility bill.
Revolut for example don't ask me for address confirmation. But after around 8k turn over ask me for tax declaration and resident permit (I have none eu passport).
Luckily not all emi behave like Revolut.


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What? So I can use Panama Passport and setup address in Malta and get the mastercard forwarded to me?
It is well possible and you won't get any problems to do that. You want to make sure the address is valid and the mailforwarding you are using is doint the forwarding correct.
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