EMIs that accept SWIFT transfers?

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by jonage, May 16, 2018.

  1. jonage

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    Do we know of EMIs that offer a dedicated IBAN which is able to receive SWIFT transfers ?
    Thank you very much for the feedback!
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    Revolut, Mister Tango and a few more ;)
  4. jonage

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    Are you sure @Admin about Mister Tango? In the website (FAQ) I read : "You can receive the SEPA payments from SEPA area (EU, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, Iceland, Liechtenstein, San Marino) only in EUR currency. At the moment we are not able to offer the possibility to send and receive SWIFT transfers." :(
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    I have a Mister Tango Account and they issued a IBAN account number to me. I'm using it for various in and out payments.
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