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ePayments is back! Time to get money back?

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New member
Just received this email

We are getting ready to start working together again


We apologise for the time it has taken to get to this stage. We understand that not having access to your funds, particularly during the current climate, will not have been easy for a number of you.

We are pleased to announce that the work on updating our compliance systems and controls is advancing well.

As part of this we have redesigned our whole approach to how we will work with you in the future.

We are pleased to announce that we are now in a position to start the process of updating our customers records. This process is an important step toward allowing us to start enabling you to access the funds inside your ePayments account in the future.

What we’ve done What it means for you
We’ve revised our systems and IT capabilities
We’ll be taking advantage of innovation to offer you digital authentication processes, such as biometric technology
We’ll be changing our terms and conditions
We’ll be changing the way that individuals can make payments and get paid. Individuals will only be able to get paid by companies and will only be able to send money to their own account. The available payments channels will remain with bank wire, bank card, and alternative payment methods. You’ll also still be able to use your pre-paid card.
We will no longer offer access to cryptocurrency
We’re enhancing our account monitoring
Enhanced monitoring will help us to quickly understand if something has gone wrong and fix it quickly
What happens next

We will soon be in contact to ask you for new information so that we can make sure that the information we hold on you is accurate and up-to-date.
We will start to contact you in groups, as we have a lot of customers.
When we do contact you, your early and timely responses will ensure that this process is finished more quickly.
If we have any questions about the information you provide or need any more information, we’ll be in touch.
Once we’ve updated your information, we’ll be able to share the next steps.
We will provide regular updates on our progress in our blog, where we will respond to questions and provide updated information.
We really value your patience, and look forward to serving you.

ePayments team
[email protected] Phone: +44-207-873-2383


New member
Of course neither I would work with them...
Hopefully they will give the money back to the people they owe it.


New member
I will, if they are going to send cards to Russia after the restart. Not that there is much selection of EMIs doing that :)
If not. then nothing of interest there.


New member
look at the english in their emails and you will see why this company is loser horse .
They knew from the very beginning that "the big freeze" will last for many month, if not a year. So they must have fired all of the nonessential personal, including those who could write in English in a right way :)
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