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Eth Genesis wallet for sale

I understand why somebody might want the private key genesis block coins...
but what is it good for if it's empty nowadays?
Could be used to backup questionable source of funds. But I've looked up the address and it's rather worthless. The funds were withdrawn about 14 days after the ICO, so it won't really help to build a trail at all. Pretty much only causes ground for more questions.
Will you promise to not take my money after I make a deposit into a wallet you have the private key for?

Address is sold as collectable, I would not suggest depositing funds in that address unless for signing transactions and micro-transactions.

The contribution paid to the ICO was 1 BTC which at the time had a price of <300$.
So, 300$ turned to 1053 ETH.

If interested, the BTC address (private key) used to pay the ETH ICO contribution might also be available for sale.
This way the crypto enthusiast collector will have the full set of transactions.

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