EU national, resident of Vietnam with HK based company, where to bank?


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I have been banking with Neat business over last 6 months and they just informed me that my account will be closed (by Standard Chartered). They didn't give any reason but my guess is that they are not happy with my monthly income - which is around $2K - $3K / month at the moment.

Few minutes of google gave me Euro Pacific... which looks ok, but $360 a year seems quite pricey.

I wander what if there are any cheaper options?


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Your monthly income is of secondary importance. No serious bank that is concerned about their license and international relations will take an unsubstantiated HK shell company of a EU national who is a Vietnamese resident. They probably underestimated the administrative burden which costs them more than your business brings in.

Many say that EPB is junk, but also the $360 annual fee is peanuts for your situation.

Your chances of finding something cheap and reliable are best in HK if you can establish business ties in HK. Try to find a client or supplier from there. The banks should open up then. But even then, $30 monthly fee for an account in a decent bank would be normal, if not cheap.


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Sorry I wasn't clear, I can prove residency in both Vietnam and EU (I have driving license and bank statements on my brother address) and EU is what I declared as residency while setting up a company and Neat account.

So you can skip Vietnam part and we are left with EU national, HK based company and a low revenue.

Any recommendations on EMI? What sort of cost should I expect?

Thanks in advance