fake agent or not?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by turtelturte, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. turtelturte

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    I ordered Seychell ibc company formation on seychellesoffshore[dot]com website. I already payed by paypal. The agent, after i sent compies of documents by email, asked me to send documents directly to theyr Seychell address. It's the first time someone asked me to do so. What do you think, is this a trap, or its okay?
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  2. Banker89

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    Yes it is normal for banks and registered agents to want hard copies.
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  3. Admin

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    yes all normal, nothing unusual..
  4. blizz

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    Problem is that they ask you for the originals to be send to them which leave traceable tracking logs.
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  5. blueweb

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    yeah, it's a no go if you ask me. You should never be required to send any originals to the agent, it's a way to verify that the address you gave them is real!
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  6. James Turner

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    Perfectly normal. I would avoid sending original docs, but hard copy certified or notarised documents is fine.
  7. hiju

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    Fake agent, don't know but you want to setup something with an agent you can trust and which you are satisfied to use also after the setup of the comapny!