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Forex Trading company beside the capital what are the requirements?


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Jan 28, 2009
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A friend and I are in the process to be ready to register a Forex Trading company in Cyprus, we have learned what the requirements to the sharecapital is and also the other fees involved, this we have in place, now;

I just wonder what the requirements are and the procedure in order to open a Forex Trading company in Cyprus?

Anyone who has a step by step guide or any other relevant information?

We want to get started at the latest of February 2010 and have already started the process for the registration of the company..

Sorry if this question already has a thread here then please just point me to it please.
Beside the capital requirements the following applies:

· Internal regulation of operation

· Business Plan

· Risk management and procedures manual regarding money laundering and terrorist financing

· Company details (certificate of the registered office, certificate of directors and secretary, certificate of shareholders, certificate of good standing memorandum and articles of association)

· certification from the representative for the promotion of the application for CIF authorisation

· certification by the applicant that it possesses or will possess the funds required for the initial capital

· evidence indicating the source of the initial capital

· chart of the structure of the group, in which the applicant belongs to, up to the ultimate beneficial owners-natural persons

· For shareholders/Ultimate beneficial owner/directors/managerial staff:

- certified true copy of identification card or passport

- certificates of non-bankruptcy

- certificates of criminal record

- certificate of good standing (for legal persons)

· chart of the applicant’s organisational structure

· annual financial accounts of the applicant for the last three years, if available

· annual consolidated accounts of the Group in which the applicant belongs to, for the last three years

· certifications from the external auditors and legal advisers of the applicant

Also for the general law for financial trading companies in Cyprus you can check The Forex Trading Company laws PDF which we published on our site : Forex Trading Company Cyprus

For most of the requirements we are able to help you and will guide you step by step through the process.

However, in regards to the office / office space, staff to hire and director we will need to corporate, since it is required that you have some minimum staff in place then it should also be useful for you.
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