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It's not allowed to post any links before you have made at least 25 useful posts on any of the forums here at the CCLogic Offshore Company Forum! Also it is not allowed to put links in your signature before you reached the 25 posts.

We will give 2 Warning points for doing so or even BAN you if the only purpose of the link(s) is advertising or back linking! If you reach 5 Warning points you will be permanently banned.

Spammed or hidden advertising will be removed immediately and the username, e-mail and IP will be banned permanently.

Posting about topics with references to other forums is not allowed, this is a general rule on most of the worlds major forums, please respect this.

This forum is specific to Cyprus and the different types of vehicles to do business available ie Incorporation of a Cyprus Company, Cyprus Trusts, Cyprus Funds, book keeping, annual financial reports and all around it, this is not about how to make Holidays in Cyprus or which Hotel in Cyprus may be the best for your vacation :D

If you are not sure about the post or thread you want to post/open then please contact us before you do so, this will help all to avoid any confusions.

Any questions or suggestions can as usual be posted in the Forum News, Announcements and Suggestions forum.

Thanks, Admin
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Posting of Phone,Fax number, Skype contact or any other contact details is as well not allowed this will be considered as spammed advertising. If you want a user to contact you ask them to PM or PM the user!!!

We will give 1 warning after that we will ban the uername and IP permanent!

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