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Franchise or alike business development - how to?


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Oct 3, 2017
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Let say there is a rather small EU-based business with unique globally relevant products, none (or irrelevant) competition and (being it a food production area) plenty of regulatory/safety/technological blockers for potential competitors to grow quickly. Putting aside the straightforward organic growth on both the local and close EU markets there is another vague ambition of monetizing the business faster and globally on the markets that are physically and culturally distant hence unreachable for the company in the foreseeable future.
The idea is to build a franchise (or alike) network and find business partner who would drive local development (legal stuff, HR, local regulations, marketing) and copy the rest of the existing model while getting full support the franchiser potentially including capital and/or business mentoring etc.
Considering it's still a small scale business, what would be your approach to this, where to start, how to design the model and first of all how to advertise and find serious people worth spending time with on another continent....?
Thanks for any input