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From PayPal to Moneybookers?


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Apr 16, 2009
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I will lay out my plan and you can tell me if there is a flaw in it. But please, give me advice only if you alone have tried this.

* I have PayPal account linked to one bank account.

* I have Moneybookers account linked to that same bank account as PayPal.

1. I have money on PayPal account.

2. I then withdraw that money from PayPal to my bank account.

3. I then transfer that money from that bank account to Moneybookers account.

4. I then send that money from that Moneybookers account to my sister's Moneybookers account.

Can someone tell me is this a plausible scenario, and which steps out of these 4 are being charged?
I don't think there is any problem in it. It is clearly possible and legal. PayPal doesn't allows conversion of one processor money to another. However it doesn't have jurisdiction over your bank account and once it comes to bank account you can use it as long as you wish in any way.
Thank you very much! I figured that but I just wanted to ask to be sure if it is possible.

How about the fees?

Step two is free for US bank account.

Step three is free (it even rimes :) ).

What about step four, what is the fee?

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