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Funding moneybookers


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Feb 17, 2009
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I am using PayPal since most of the jobs that I’m getting is paying through them. Now, if I know a way to fund Moneybookers then I would surely use them too. Anyone here who knows how to fund them in anyway that you know whether through affiliate programs or other means?

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Many affiliate programs are using moneybookers too, also if you are looking in the online gambling business you will see many people using MB.
It is easy you can just make a wire transfer to them which then will be credited your account, or you can ask people to pay you through moneybookers.

Moneybookers are far better than PayPal.
To fund your Moneybookers account, visit the Moneybookers website. Click Login, enter your email address, password and turing number. Click on "Upload Funds." You will be given a choice of funding options: bank transfer, credit card, e-Gold, and GiroPay.Select the funding option of your choice.