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General Considerations in Forming a Company in Cyprus


Cyprus Company Formation
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Dec 30, 2008
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The most popular way of managing and starting a business in the contemporary society is going offshore. Many offshore companies provide tax exemptions to their clients and give them the freedom of running their businesses.Cyprus company formation encompasses all aspects of forming a company in Cyprus. Cyprus in one of ...

Yes I do agree offshore companies enjoy more tax concessions and they function more professionally due to less interference.But in Cyprus forming an offshore company is hassle free and business atmosphere is better than others.The tax laws are simple and attractive.So more industrial houses are taking interest to establish offshore companies in Cyprus.So it looks like an attractive destination now for business entrepreneurs.
For forming an offshore company in Cyprus some minimum statutory formalities needs to be completed. What are those minimum statutory formalities ?who are the authorities in Cyprus one has to approach first.Is there any hard copy or documents needs to be produced?If anybody has any authentic information about this ,Pl. discus here in detail.