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Question Georgian company small business (payment processor)


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May 11, 2023
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I am french, living currently in Ireland, I have an online business selling online course with my wife.
Clients are B to B and B to C from France. Maybe soon USA too.
I am looking for the small business statut in Georgia 1% (max 500k GL)
My idea is to open 1 small business each.

The problem in Georgia seems to be the payment processor. Stripe is not available here. Very annoying for B to C clients.

I saw in other thread that some people suggest to open a LLC (delware) and send after the money via wetransfer or wize.

I only want to use the other company as a payment processor for my client be able to pay by stripe.

Do you think it is possible ? Do you have other solutions to suggest ?

Thank you very much for your helps
Hey thank you for your answer.
I had a look everywhere in Google and Stripe, paypal and others are not supported or really hard to integrate to a website.
That the reason i was looking for an alternative.
I saw this company on Google who say i can use a LLC in UK for stripe and send money after to Georgia.
By paying the profit to the georgian company of my wife (affiliate service let's say 80%) + the 20 % reinvest in marketing spend to growth.
In this case no profit for the uk company so no tax from this side for the moment.
Here what they said :
"It is possible to run your company for many years without paying corporate tax as most small business do not usually record annual profit during the first few years after incorporation."
Actually, there are 3 options in Georgia that we were using:
1) to use the largest Georgian banks payment processing API (Bank of Gorgia)
2) the same, to use the second largest bank payment processing API (T.B.C. Bank)
3) There is also are a startup in this field, backed by largest US investors, it's name is payze (the domain name ends on .io). It tries to develop stripe-like API for Georgian market.

I heard that 2Checkout also works with Gorgian companies, but I've never used it.
2co may indeed be a good option if they can accept your business model.
Thank you all for the help, i will have a look on all. I already contacted payze and will have a meeting with them :)
Also i had a meeting with a georgian tax company this morning, they told me i can use a uk ltd and use as a processor of payment service (invoice related).
The uk ltd will take 2 or 3 % on each transaction.

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