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Give me your opinion on blogging!!


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Sep 11, 2009
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Blogging as an activity is becoming very popular these days. I would like to know how many people blog and why? I blog too and I started it to earn money but later became addicted to it..
Blogging is easy

Blogging is very interesting thing to do. I too have blogs and I too started earning from that. But now a days microblogs are popular like twitter where one can post tweets which are simple to do.
what is blogging?

I am new to this world! I come from Andromeda. lol. Seriously, though I'd heard of it, I'd never really understood what it is. Now I find everybody knows what blogging is, except me, of course. Can you tell me what it is? And better still does it earn me something. lol.
I have four blog sites but revenue is not enough to be addicted towards these.I have a simple formula for any online activities.Unless there is some monetary compensation I never join any work or sites including blogging.I am not addicted like you.I am committed for those sites who are willing to pay me for my hard work.

Well blogging depends on what is your priority that is you want the world to see some creativity stored in your mind or you want to share your life and views with other people or some thing else.Or may be you just want to earn money from the net and make your computer a money making machine.But I think blogging can be a lot of fun because you will meet and get to know the experience and the views of a large mass whom you do not know but your living with them in this world.