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GoDaddy / Paypal Pro Integration


Sep 10, 2009
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I'm getting an error 28 from curl when trying to utilize the Paypal gateway. After some research it appears that it's due to a process constraint within the apache or php configuration.

has anyone else gotten paypal pro gateway working with a GoDaddy account? Before I advise my client to switch hosting companies and/or plans I'd like to make sure that this really is the problem. I get valid responses from PayPal when I try it from my own machines.
I have not faced such problems with any other hosting sites.If you have such Paypal integration problem with a reputed web hosting company like GODADDY, then we should rethink before paying them.As you have suggested it is better to shift to another hosting service provider.Thanks for posting such useful information about GODADDY.COM.I think you are an expert in the field of web hosting and web designing.